Chequing Account

A chequing account is type of bank account that financial institutions offer to the public. Chequing accounts offer a secure financial storage for your money. They are best used for money kept for a short period, as there are no side benefits, like interest earned or tax deferrals. Money kept in chequing accounts are typically used for day to day spending or monthly bills.

Chequing accounts are quite versatile. You can use your chequing account to: Pay Bills, Deposit cash or paycheques, and withdraw money earned by you. Each account has a unique “account number”

Chequing Account actions are:

1. Depositing Money Into a Chequing Account:

Deposit your cash and cheques at either an ABM/ATM Machine or a bank teller. Sometimes you can give your account number to have your paycheqe or tax refunds deposited directly into the account.

2.  Spending Money on a Chequing Account:

Use your client card at a point-of-sale merchant: Grocery Store, McDonalds, Walmart etc. Pay bills online by signing up on the desired website and giving entering account number (commonly used for utilities and telephone services.) Bank Transfer to another account by using a bank teller or your bank’s website.

3. Withdrawing Money From a Chequing Account

Use your client card at a ABM/ATM or at a bank teller to receive available cash.

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