A Corporation is a form of business ownership that is favoured by large businesses with many divisions, rules employees etc. In common business and law, they are a separate legal entity, meaning the corporation is affected by the law the same way any human would be. Also, corporations are not usually owned by one person, they are owned by the shareholders. There are different roles common in corporations such as: President, Shareholder, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, common employees, Board of Directors, etc. Each position helps the corporation run as smooth, long and profitable as possible. You can recognize a corporation easily, by the last few letters of the operating name. For exmple: Joe’s Shop Inc. , Joe’s Shop Corp.  Joe’s Shop Ltd.


To incorporate with Industry Canada there is an online fee of $200.00 and a non-online fee of $250.00

To Incorporate you own business in Canada, Visit Industry Canada.

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