Mutual Funds

A Mutual Fund is a professionally managed, common type of investment offered to the public by most banks. Mutual Funds are presented as “portfolios” containing any mixture of securities and companies on the stock exchange. Different mutual funds offer different interest rates and risk, as well as a fee, for the services of the fund manager.

Mutual Funds are very convenient. They can be purchased anytime of the day (even online) and be sold anytime as well. Another convenient aspect of the Mutual Fund is, realizing that to invest in the same companies could be a lot more difficult. Say a blue chip stock costs $500 per stock, you may not have the money handy, or be willing the take that risk of that is your only stock invested. A Mutual Fund allows you to invest 10% ($5.00) in that same blue chip company. Unfortunately, the funds cannot be customized. Overall the typical Mutual Fund offers low interest rate, with low risk.

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