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Ottawa Tax Services


What we offer

Radburn Financials, as Public Accountants prepare you personal and company tax returns. T1 and T2s. The tax filings are derived from the statements you provide, or from the statements we develop. We work out of our offices. Our client’s usually drop off information needed. We occasionally visit our neighbouring clients to deliver and pickup documents as needed.

What to Expect

Radburn Financials doesn’t not charge for consulting or correspondence. We have all of the software necessary for tax preparation and for e-filing. Once we file your taxes through e-file, you can expect to receive your refund, or Notice of Assessment within 10 days. We can even set up direct deposit to receive refunds faster and more convenient.

How it Works

We will advise you on ways to arrange your affairs through taking all deductions and tax planning. Radburn Financials prepares or is provided with the proper information needed to complete the tax return. After which, a number of schedules are prepared in the format required by Canada Revenue Agency.

We Go The Extra Mile

To make tax preparation move seamlessly, we can:

  • Represent you in dealing with CRA, allowing us to speak on your behalf by signing form T1013
  • Remind you of critical deadlines
  • Free Consultation & Correspondence
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