WSIB (Workplace Safety Insurnace Board)

Formerly Known as: Worker’s Compensation Board”

WSIB is a branch of the Ontario Ministry of Labour government agency.

WSIB requires many businesses to have “no fault” insurance coverage for it’s employees. No Fault Collective Liability Insurance allows employees to receive compensation no matter who is at fault for the employees injury. The employee will be compensated for any loss of earnings, benefits and health care coverage while absent. Temporary, part-time and full-time employees are all covered by the insurance the same way.

Employers pay into a province wide insurance fund. Amount paid is a percentage of their payroll expense based on the business industry and the type of payroll. For example, restaurant employees will have a different premium rate than construction employees. Depending on the injury, employers can offer “modified work” to the employee. The employee must accept if the work doesn’t interfere with thier injury.

The Goal is WSIB is to have the employee compensated for loss of work and to get the employee back to work as soon possible.

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